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As an agency, you constantly need strong and innovative pitches to attract new clients. However, gathering data to create pitches is often expensive and time consuming. The same goes for retaining current clients, where you have to proof that you are actively updating your strategy.

With Profiler, you will be able to get insights concerning almost any audience imaginable. You can create studies based on socio-demographics, lifestyle, behavior, industries or even competitors. This will allow you to easily win pitches and put the right next steps and strategies in place backed up with real data.

Make the right channel choices to deliver the message to your audience.

Prepare pitches without databases needed from the client.

Justify all your marketing recommendations and show them how much you know concerning their clients or their strategic audiences.

Receive results on the same day: have the results of the market research and receive the personas on the same day.

Be creative and challenge brands with the insight that you have on their audiences!

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