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Let’s empower marketing decision-making!

Profiler analyses your clients or potential clients by leveraging the data that lies behind the biggest Social Network.

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What do you get?

You will be able to launch market research studies and have a platform that easily let’s you analyse the insight by using ready made templates. However, you always have the ability to make your own dashboards and personas from scratch!

Launch market research studies and receive more than 6000 insights about your audience of choice. See the audience possibilities and key features Use ready-made templates or make your own dashboards and personas to easily find the most interesting insights.
  • We have templates for different marketing objectives: Media planning, Sponsorships, Content marketing, event planning and many more…
  • Adjust the templates to your own taste
  • Create your own dashboards or personas!


Contact us if you wish to have more information concerning the pricing.

Why is it not visible?

We match the needs of different types of companies, that is why we need to have more information to give you the relevant pricing. Within each type, we also offer different models: one shot model, monthly license or a reseller model. If you would like to know more, I invite you to click on the button that describes your company!

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