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Agency Usage

Save time, win your next pitches, gain expertise

Save time

In just a few seconds you can monitor the best posts of your clients’ pages and its competitors, thereby saving you at least 3 hours per week. You can follow the best content published by their direct or indirect competitors, their peers or other inspirational brands with just the click of a button. This will lead to your teams being more inspired, more creative and having more time playing with their fidget spinners.

Win your next pitches

As part of your next pitch, take the lead by having a clear overview on the state of performance of your future clients and their competitors. Showing them that you have a complete understanding of the workings of their company and the market in which it operates. This will allow you to provide strategic recommendations early on.

Gain Expertise

Maximize the return on your social media investments by having a look at the best practices of your clients’ competitors (their posting strategy, their page posts ads, engagement rate on posts published by your competitors...).

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