BBC, CNN, Fox, who wins on the Social Networks?

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Have you ever wondered how News TV Channels perform on the Social Networks? BBC News, CNN, Fox News, who is the best on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram in the US? Check out Page Karma's new infographic!

We analysed BBC News, CNN, and Fox News for 7 months from 01/01/2015 to 31/07/2015. As from our analysis, BBC News has the most total fans (45%) on Facebook, and Fox News has the most local fans (6,037,306). While all the three channels have increased engagement for July than the beginning of this year, Fox News gains the most engagement on Facebook over this period (335,147,586). CNN obtains the most followers on Twitter throughout the period, and has the most share of retweets (39%). Fox News is the top channel in terms of the engagement per day over the period (35661.8), while CNN has the highest actions per Tweet (706.4).

The data from Youtube was retrieved on 3 August 2015, and the total numbers of subscribers / videos / views are analysed. CNN has the most total subscribers with more than a half of share of subscribers (59%), it has the biggest number of videos (71510) and received biggest share of total views (85%), greatly surpassing the other 2 competitors. The top TV Channel in terms of the followers on Instagram is CNN, at 55%. BBC News receives the highest actions (likes and comments) per day (8,476.93), and had the most share of engagement (46%) among the competitors. CNN received the highest number of actions (likes and comments) per media (5,551.4).

According to the Share of Posts / Media, CNN is the most active on Facebook (42.5%) and Youtube (92.1%), Fox News is the most active on Twitter (50%), and BBC News is the most active on Instagram (62%).

Scroll down to see the entire infographic and access more insights into their performance on the Social Networks.

Infographic - TV Channels

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