Tennis: Who wins the men's title on the Social Networks?

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Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, who is your favourite? Who is the No. 1 on the Social Networks? Let's see together!

So we have analysed the Big Four's pages for 7 months from 01/01/2015 to 31/07/2015. Rafael Nadal has the most fans on Facebook (38%) and Twitter (43.1%), and Novak Djokovic has the most followers on Youtube (49.4%) and Instagram (39.9%). Federer reigns in terms of average actions/Facebook post, average actions/tweet, and average actions/day; Nadal has the highest average comments & shares per day on Facebook.

Djokovic got the highest views of his Youtube videos, and is the best at engaging his fans on Instagram, with 50% share of engagement over the period. He also received the highest numbers of likes and comments per day on Instagram.

When you take a look at their share of Posts, you can notice that Andy Murray is the most active on Facebook (48.4% Share of Posts), Youtube (35.9% Share of Videos), and Instagram (37.6% Share of Media), Novak Djokovic has the most share of tweets (32%) over the date range.

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