Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo : Who's the No. 1 on Social Media?

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The rivalry between Argentine forward Lionel Messi and Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo is there for ages. They are both regarded as being the best of all time in the sport, having won a combined seven FIFA Golden Ball awards.
Who's the No. 1 on the Social Networks?
We tried to answer this question by analysing the "DUO" social profiles' activity for 7 months from 01/01/2015 to 31/07/2015 on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.
Let's start with Facebook : In this area Lio Messi is behind Ronaldo with 79,53M fans compared to 104,75M fans for the Portuguese footballer. On the contrary Lio is the one engaging the most with his fans, by far (he is also the most active).
On Instagram Ronaldo is ahead of Messi in terms of Followers and Engagement!

We can conclude that the rivalry will never end between those two. The answer is probably a question of perspective!

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Infographic - Football Players

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