Had Your Coffee Today? Which Brand Wins on the Social Network in Italy?

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Are you a coffee lover? Can't start your day without a good cup of coffee? Coffee is one of the most liked drinks throughout the world; yet, if you ask an Italian where you can drink the best coffee, or rather the best espresso, you are sure to get the same answer. In Italy, coffee has been described as the “national drink”, “part of Italian culture”, “a democratic product” because it is within everyone’s grasp. It's a social event and a tradition that Italians proudly preserve. You can take everything away from Italians, but not coffee!

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Today let's see together who are the best coffee makers in Italy on Facebook. We analysed the Facebook pages of 10 top coffee brands in Italy for 3 months from 01/03/2015 to 01/06/2015. Caffè Hag is the winner in terms of engagement, with 37.9% share of engagement among the 10 brands; NESCAFÉ and Segafredo Zanetti (Italia) win the second and third position of the The most liked post for the 3 months is from Caffè Hag, and one of its drawing contests for brand coffee cup gained the most comments; the most shared post is from Segafredo Zanetti Italia. Caffè Hag has the most local fans, with the highest share of local fans (19%). Caffè Vergnano is the most active brand with the highest share of posts (19.3%), followed by Lavazza (18.8%) and Segafredo Zanetti (13.3%).

Time for a coffee? ;-)

Best Coffee on Facebook

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