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What if it was possible to launch a complete market study, with thousands of criteria, with no limit on the amount of respondents and receiving the results on the same day accompanied by a detailed automated persona with only one click? It’s not the future anymore, it exists.

Marketers have always used Personas in order to better understand and qualify their Audiences. These Personas are “fictional characters created to represent the different user types that might use a site, brand, or product in a similar way”. They serve different purposes from service, product definition or interaction to online marketing, by putting a human face on abstract data about customers. They capture the living essence of these distinct groups of customers.

There are many different benefits of creating Personas but the main one is about bridging the gap between you and your users, by identifying their major needs, having a clear picture of their expectations, understanding their behaviours and interests.

The problem behind traditional Persona generation resides in the way we obtain them. Usually, companies conduct research based on a limited panel of customers to whom they ask a few questions about the product or service they want to know more about. Because both the panel size and the number of questions asked are limited, the results obtained are insufficient and unsatisfactory, not to say that they are expensive and time consuming. Moreover, these “traditional” studies limit themselves to declarative infos provided by customers.

But, things have changed thanks to Social Networks and Big Data possibilities. The ongoing growth of social users activities have unlocked new capabilities and provides Marketers with new ways to create Personas.

-First there are no limitations in terms of panel sizes. In most countries, more than 50% of the population are active on Facebook and the numbers are still growing.

-Second, Social Networks gather huge loads of Data about each and any of us whether it concerns sociodemographic data or interests affinity. Social Networks include declarative Data provided by the users when registering, but more importantly they include data derived from the user activity, also known as Behavioural Data.

At Social Karma, we have decided to push things forward and provide Marketers an easy, intuitive and efficient way to generate Personas of your Audiences. We have worked with scientists, data analysts, UX specialists and Developers to propose the most innovative and powerful Automatic Persona generation platform: Profiler!

In a matter of minutes you can get a Data Driven Persona of your Customers or Website Visitors, increase your knowledge and improve your marketing. You can personalize the Personas and adapt them to your needs.

Profiler persona

The future of Persona-Based Marketing is here! Test the solution for yourself

Thierry Soubestre – CEO Social Karma

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