Facebook reports $6.44 billion in revenue for Q2 2016

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Facebook’s growth appears to know few limits.

This rise was driven by :

  • strong mobile ad sales. It constitute roughly 84 percent of Facebook’s overall advertising revenue.
  • Steady increase in its number of users (+15% in the last year, Facebook now counts 1.71 billion monthly active users). The amount of money the company can squeeze from each user globally jumped to $3.82, up from $2.76 a year earlier. United States and Canada are Facebook’s most valuable markets (In average of $14.34 per user).
  • Videos : Native video, Facebook Live and of course video advertising. And they want to go further with videos : “Just as people used words and text to express themselves in the past, in the future more of that is going to be video,” Mr. Zuckerberg said. “And more of these augmented-reality tools are going to be an important part of delivering that experience.”  

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