Your favourite Belgian singer? Who wins on the Social Network?

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Who is your favourite Belgian singer? How often do you see him/her on Facebook? We analysed 15 top pop singers from Belgium for the period from 01/05/2015 to 01/06/2015, check it out!

During the analysed period, Hadise is the best at engaging its audience, with more than a half of share of engagement (54.5%), followed by Loïc Nottet (18.0%) and Lara Fabian (11.2%). The most liked post for the time is from Hadise, where she changed her profile picture. The most commented publication is from Loïc Nottet, which engaged his fans after his performing "Rhythm Inside", and the most shared post is one of Lara Fabian's videos, "make me yours tonight" in duet with Mustafa Ceceli. Loïc Nottet has the most local fans and the highest share of local fans (15.3%). Ian Thomas is the most active during the last month with the highest share of posts (14.7%).

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