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Competitive analysis

Measure, monitor, build dashboards and export your social media impact in just a few clicks.

How do we help?

Create your own group of social profiles that you want to analyse based on your specific needs. Page Karma offers a unique opportunity to compare your brand with your direct competitors and peers, while also finding inspiration by monitoring them. We have all the relevant KPIs and visualisations (charts, graphs, etc.) you need to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Also, discover the best posts on the accounts you monitor, as a real source of inspiration. Take actions to engage better with your audience by using the best practices and to increase your interactions volume.

Compare your performance metrics to industry leaders and best practices from others.

Define the KPIs that matter to your brand and monitor them to stay up-to-date with your market.

Compare KPIs’ evolution over time to your competitors strategies.

Discover which posts work best/worst on all the pages among your selections of social profiles.

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