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Learn how a partnership with Social Karma can help your agency.

Expand business opportunities: be innovative, challenge the status quo.

Offering our innovative solutions enables you to show your clients your will to push things forward and find out-of-the box ideas. It will also help you drive new leads and close new business. With the insights you gain from the studies you will have enormous facts and numbers to back up the next strategies and decisions you make. You will be able to go a step further than the competition and be at the forefront of your industry.

Generate new income: increase profitability.

Selling Social Karma solutions to your prospects and customers enables you to take advantage of the financial rewards in place. Get the reseller margin that leads to new income while building your competitive edge.

Improve customer satisfaction: improved decision-making.

Our products will help your customers improve their marketing strategies and enable them to enrich their customer or prospects knowledge. You can analyse new markets, competitors, existing customer without getting out of your chair. You will be able to offer the insights to the clients concerning the specific target audience or make marketing decisions for the client based on real data.

The Social Karma touch

We are always there to support you. We will help you with all the questions prior and during the partnership: From technical and commercial support to analytical help. In addition you will receive continuous workshops & trainings around our platforms to be up to date with best practices, the latest success stories and new features. Social Karma has now 5 years expertise in pushing things forward. Social Karma Technologies are focused on creating added value for brands & advertisers.

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